To enable its numerous travel agents and sub-agents, as well as stakeholders in the air travel industry move with innovation in the sector, Touchdown Travels, a fast-growing travel management company in Nigeria, has introduced the IRIX Booking Tool.

Chief Operating Officer, Touchdown Travels, Olufunso Ekundayo, speaking during the Official Agency Forum 2022, which saw the gathering of aviation stakeholders, including agents, sub-agents, affiliates, airlines, among others, in Lagos, said the Touchdown Booking Tool, IRIX, enables agents to make reservations easily without stress, as well as help them to scale up their businesses.

Saying that the idea behind the IRIX Booking Tool is to enable agents and other aviation industry stakeholders embrace change, flow with times, as well as compete favourably with their global counterparts, Ekundayo added: “We show them tools that will enable them to scale up their businesses and also introduce a tool to them, which is IRIX.

“The idea behind it is that times are changing, innovation is coming. The way you used to do things has to change. You need to evolve and that is what we are looking at.”

“At Touchdown Travels, we enable people to make reservations without facing all the complexities. We have a safety tool that allows people to be able to go easily. That is the future for travel, and that is the future for our agents,” he added.

Leveraging highly on cutting edge technology, Ekundayo stated that the travel tool allows customers to access the best fares, value-packed add-on services, which include flight reminders, lounge access, among others.
Saying that the licenced IATA firm issues tickets on behalf of airlines, the COO added: “Touchdown Travels provides the best flight deals while maintaining a high level of professionalism and efficient service delivery.”

Ekundayo said: “At, you get the best tools… we provide the cheapest fares for every route, and every airline. Once you come here, you have everything you are looking for. There are so many things that we decided to roll out into the market, — the partners’ acceleration programme, among others.”

According to him, “People understand well that with Touchdown Travels, they can’t go wrong. The problem we are solving in this industry is so huge. We tell our agents that they don’t need to think about funding, they don’t think about how to get a website, we take that off you. We have different things there, TRAVEL Box, among others. We look at ourselves as an enabler of travel. We power our agents and travelers so they can go online.

“The idea is that they come on board, use our tools, we power them and issue their tickets for them and they also make our dream come true. That is what Touchdown does, we are basically solving problems.”

“The idea behind that is to be able to take five agents. We understand that these agents have some constraints – in terms of finance, business, strategy, in terms of even identifying the right profit formula for their business. What we are saying is that we will take five people on a journey for one year and the journey is one of rapid accelerated growth.

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