A fast-growing travel management firm in Nigeria, Touchdown Travels, has entertained and rewarded its loyal agents and sub-agents in recognition of their allegiance to the air travel industry.

Speaking at the Official Agency Forum 2022, Chief Operating Officer (COO), Funso Ekundayo, while holding a meeting with aviation stakeholders, including agents, sub-agents, affiliates, airlines, among others, in Lagos, noted that the event was to appreciate the aviation stakeholders for the good job they have been doing with the agency since its inception.

Saying that the agents deserve the rewards, Ekundayo noted: “Without them, we won’t be where we are today. We understand them and day in day out, they are pushing customers to us.

“At the end of the day, every single thing we do is all about our customers. We need to reward them and make them see that we care and that is basically what spurs them to do more.

“We want to work closely with every agent. That demonstrates the kind of trust they have with Touchdown Travels.”

He said that the programme has helped the agency to build confidence in its customers, adding: “It’s more like building a tripartite trust today; a trust between ourselves, the airlines and the agents has been built today. People understand that with Touchdown, they can’t go wrong. The problem we are solving in this industry is so huge. We tell our agents that they don’t need to think about funding, they don’t have to start thinking about how to get a website, we take that off them.”

Stating that at Touchdown Travels, the problems of every agent is embraced, Ekundayo added: “For us, it’s a total experience, which starts from taking you. Our team is always available to put our agents through. Our dream is to enable every single agent to keep using us, keep their businesses, and at the same time, we will power them.

“We give them the best deals as they can’t negotiate deals with the airlines directly. Touchdown Travels is the door between stakeholders and the airlines.”

Ekundayo, who alongside the firm’s Agency Manager, Tajudeen Balogun, and other airline officials presented gift items like deep freezer, gas cooker, power-generating set, blenders, microwave ovens, among others, to agents and sub-agents, said: “Touchdown is making it easy for everybody to travel. At Touchdown Travels, we have a vision and that vision is that anybody should be able to travel.

“Some people want to travel but there is a larger population that cannot travel. What we do here is to create the right kind of tool to enable people to travel.”

He said that the event was organized “To showcase to our own customers that it is not just about working hard but about working smart. We show them tools that will enable them to scale up their businesses, and introduce a tool to them, which is IRIX Tool.

“The idea behind it is that times are changing, innovation is coming. IRIX Tool is to enable people make reservations without going through all the complexities. We have a safety tool that allows people to be able to go easily. This tool is the future for travel; that is the future for our agents.”

The COO said that Touchdown Travels empowers its agents to be able to expand their businesses, adding: “Today, what we do is to take the lid off all of them. You can empower everybody to do exactly what you are doing and start their own businesses. We help them to expand by using our tool and they can even earn more than what is available in the industry.

“So when you look at it this way, you understand that the potential is too much. We also have a website called ekooftravel. It is so in the sense that you go to get things in bulk in Eko. At Touchdowntravel.net, you get the best tools… we provide the cheapest fares for every route, and every airline. Once you come here, you have everything you are looking for.”

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