Fast rising Nigerian rapper, Caxtro Blade has hailed music superstar, Ayo Balogun, also known as Wizkid for speaking out loud against Police brutality currently going on in Nigeria.

Caxtro who on Sunday, October 11, released his latest single, EndSARS via the song expressed his massive respect to Wizkid for igniting the youths to fight for their right against SARS and other forms of Police Brutality.

“Massive respect to Wizkid. Baba Nla of Africa. Starboy of the world for taking a strong approach to this current situation of SARS Brutality in the country.

The power of one tweet was able to shake a Government to enforce an immediate effect ban on FSARS and other corrupt Police force. With this move, he has earned more respect from me,” Caxtro said. Lending his voice to the ongoing #EndSARS protest, Caxtro blade through his latest single poured out his sadness, while urging the government officials to put into consideration the lives of their citizens when making certain rules and policies.

“Anyone who knows me knows I am very hard to see. Even in my environment. I’m a GHOST. You can’t move freely in your city due to fear of these men in black and red. Special Anti Robbery Squad.  Anti cultism mopols, etc. Rogue Policemen who can kill and dump your body off the road if you refuse and claim and have a right as a citizen. And we have a governor in a state like Lagos who folds his arms watching while innocent citizens are being extorted and killed in this unfavorable harsh economy. These rogue men have turned themselves into day light legal robbers.”

He continued, “I’ve been extorted different times in Ajah /VGC/Lekki/VI. I don’t even near the MAINLAND. I heard it’s worse over there. I mean Lagos is the Nigeria of our dreams , most especially the ISLAND; THE ENTERTAINMENT CAPITAL OF AFRICA Do you expect its resident to be hungry looking , poorly clothed , not to be sophisticated ? A place with different superstars, high class citizens personalities, rich men kids. Sadly, these men with Rifles would hunt them down and extort them. It’s a crime too look good. To have a good phone, to be royal in your fashion. I mean what do you expect from a nation with corrupt officials in power who embezzle billions of money and have security escorts guard and protect them. The citizens bow n praise them , while the petty struggler thief is being burnt alive. EndSARS# enough is enough.”

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