In order to tackle corruption and other social vices in the country, the wife of the Deputy Governor of Oyo State, Prof. Amdalat Olaniyan has advised Muslim parents to ensure that their children acquired Islamic education.

Olaniyan gave the advised on Sunday evening in Ibadan during the 2nd Quran memorisation graduation ceremony of Ali Institute for Quran Memorisation (AIQM) in Ibadan, the Oyo state capital.

The wife of the deputy governor said that most of the social vices like corruption and insecurity in Nigeria was as a result of lack of the fear of God due to the ignorant of religion knowledge.

She said that any individuals that have the fear of God would not engage in corruption, have the love of the country and would not harm other people in the society.

According to her, “Any child that have Islamic upbringing will love his or her parents, the country and would not engage in vices that will tarnish the parents image and the country”.

The Chairman of Oyo State Muslim Community, Alhaji Kunle Sanni, commended the director of AIQM for establishing the centre, saying it would mode the moral and spiritual beliefs of the people.

Sanni said that inculcating Islamic knowledge in the children would help to eradicate the security crisis in Nigeria and boost the country’s image in the committe of the nations.

He also called on Muslims to spend in the cause of Islam and shun frivolous spending.

In his contribution, the Director of AIQM, Ali Abdussalam, advised muslim parents to ensure that their children acquired both Islamic and western education for the betterment of Nigeria.

The Director said Muslims parents must not only acquired western education but as well acquired Islamic education in order to tackle the menace of insecurity and corruption in the country.

He said that the knowledge of Islam would inculcate the fear of Allah in an individual and help to eradicate all forms of social vices like corruption, insecurityv among others in the country.

“Quran memorasation apart from the spiritual benefit also mode the moral of an individual”.

The Direcor said that lack of God’s fear was the reason corruption was rampant in Nigeria .

He said that the aim for the establishment of the institute was to raise pious Quran memorisers that would always represent Islam well in all sphere of life.

Ali said that the younger generation must be catch young in order to raise an upright generation, saying the children are now more distracted in the society than ever.

No fewer than 39 Quran memorizers graduated from the institute on Sunday.

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