Senator Solomon Adeola , popularly called ‘Yayi’ represents Lagos West Senatorial District of Lagos State at the National Assembly.

The Yewa, Ogun State-born politician is also the chairman of the Senate Committee on Finance. He recently
declared his intention to run for the senatorial seat of Ogun West Senatorial District in 2023 election. In this interview with
selected journalists, he speaks on the reason behind the migration from Lagos to Ogun and other issues of national interest.

I have been around and I
have related with my people. I know
the problems and the solutions and
that is why I am offering myself
to serve. I have been blackmailed
and battered by my opponents just
because they feel I am set for the
goal. I am equally prepared. I know
it will come to all these and I am
well prepared. I cannot and will not
be intimidated.
How confident are you of victory in the

In all modesty, I want to say that
there is no election I will contest
in the area that I will not win, especially within the APC.

I have
been a progressive all my life. My
opponents are not part of our structures in APC. They have their roots
largely in the conservative party.
So, it will be difficult for them to
defeat me. I will win the primary
election whichever way it is done.
And I will go on to win the general
election by the grace of God. It is
the desire of the people that I represent them. So, I am confident of

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