The Nigerian Bar Association Abuja Branch (Unity Bar) in conjunction with the National Oil Spill Detection & Response Agency (NOSDRA) will on Wednesday October 28, 2020, present a webinar titled: ‘Oil Spill in Nigeria: Causes, Impacts, Prevention and Emerging Opportunities for Lawyers.’ 

The programme, which will hold virtually features sub-topics such as ‘Oil Spill in Nigeria: Types, Causes and Impacts;’ ‘Responses and Prevention; First response;’ ‘Oil Spill Management: Preparedness, Procedures and Countermeasures; Impact Assessments’ and ‘Clean-up and Remediation: Techniques, Technologies and Guidelines.’ 

Other topics are: ‘Policies and Regulations; the Role of NOSDRA;’ ‘Preventing Oil Spills: Issues and Challenges; Effective mechanisms for preventing oil spills’ and ‘Emerging Opportunities for Lawyers.’ 

The goals of the webinar include reexamining issues in oil spill in Nigeria, to analyse the causes and impacts of oil spills in Nigeria, to examine strategies for managing and preventing oil spills, and the role of NOSDRA, and to explore emerging opportunities for lawyers. 

The agency reiterated that participants would gain insights into the oil and gas Industry in Nigeria, and appreciable knowledge of the types, causes and impacts of oil spills, and understand processes and techniques involved in responding to, containing and preventing oil spills. 

Also, participants are expected to understand the unique role NOSDRA plays in detecting and responding to oil spills, and gain insights into emerging opportunities for lawyers in the sector. 

Oil and gas companies operating in Niger Delta spilled 3,346.94 barrels of crude oil, an equivalent of 532,078 litres, in eight months, from January to August 2020, according to 

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