American-based Nigerian gospel artiste, Olorunsogo Michael Oni, popularly known as Musicbysire, who has been touching lives with his talent, has revealed thay he gets his music inspirations from dreams.

This is unlike many other artistes who get inspired through their environments, thought pattern or personal experience.

“I am inspired most times by words from the Bible and when I sleep sometimes, I sing in my dream and woke up singing the songs,” he said.

Musicbysire, a Political Science graduate also said that he started music through his uncle after he mentored him and gave him the needed tutelage to soar in his chosen craft.

“I got into music through my Uncle Detola Adeniyi who is an amazing gospel artiste. While we were growing up, he was always singing and playing songs. This made me develop passion for singing and writing at a very young age,” said.

Musicbysire said: “I’m a gospel artiste. I believe my talents are God-given so I’ve decided from my teenage years to just hold onto my faith and serve God with these talents.”

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