First City Monument Bank’s Managing Director, Adam Nuru, is currently enmeshed in a marriage scandal with one of the bank’s female staff members in an alleged extramarital affair which is said to have produced two children.

Apart from the two children, the husband of Moyo Thomas, the woman in contention in the alleged mess, Mr. Tunde Thomas, died on December 16 reportedly from depression and cardiac arrest.

Thomas depression and death occurred after he realised that the MD of FCMB, Nuru, allegedly fathered their two children and not him, as a result of the the extramarital affair.

Although the FCMB has said it was investigating the scandal against its MD, a petition has already been raised at by concerned Nigerians, demanding that Nuru must be sacked and prosecuted.

According to the petition, the woman in question, Moyo Thomas, reportedly informed her husband that she was leaving Nigeria for the United States with the kids, only to call him upon arrival that the children did not belong to him.

The petition claimed Thomas later recovered from the stroke and thereafter met another lady whom he planned to marry.

However, Mr. Thomas was said to have suffered a cardiac arrest after returning from work about two days before a ceremony where his relations would officially be introduced to the family of his already pregnant girlfriend.

No fewer than 1,928 petitioners as of Saturday had signed a petition at the said calling for the dismissal of the FCMB MD over the marriage scandal.

The FCMB on Friday, said its Board of Directors was reviewing allegations of unethical conduct against its MD, Nuru.

The petitioners had called on the Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN) to sack Nuru, while demanding a comprehensive investigation into the matter.

“This is a case of gross misconduct based on ethical grounds and an unjustifiable economic oppression by the elite (Adam Nuru) against the underprivileged in the society,” the petition, which has already garnered over 1,400 signatures, reads.

“The MD has been doing everything possible to sweep this case under the carpet. We implore the Central Bank of Nigeria, as the apex regulator, and the board of FCMB to investigate this for the integrity of the bank and Nigerian banking industry.”

But media reports have it that the FCMB Group Head, Corporate Affairs, Diran Olojo, said the bank was aware of the allegations making the rounds against its MD.

He also said that the bank’s board of directors had started reviewing the matter, and that its findings would be disclosed in due course.

“We are aware of several stories circulating across several media platforms about our bank’s Managing Director, Adam Nuru, a former employee, Ms Moyo Thomas, and her deceased ex-husband, Mr. Tunde Thomas,” the statement read.

“While this is a personal matter, the tragedy of the death of Mr Tunde Thomas and the allegations of unethical conduct require the bank’s board to conduct a review of what transpired, any violations of our code of ethics and the adequacy of these code of conduct ethics. This will be done immediately.

“We enjoin all our stakeholders to bear with us as we conduct this review and to please respect the various families involved.

“Our Board of Directors are reviewing all aspects of this report and once they are done with their review, we will revert to you.”

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