The Cultural Credibil

ity Development Ini
tiative (CCDI), an elite
socio-cultural organi

zation has thrown its weight
behind the Labour party governorship candidate in Lagos,
Gbadebo Chinedu Rhodes- Vivour, stating that he is the best
man to govern the state.

The group in a statement signed by Ide Goddy
Uwazurike and Steve Nwabuko, President and Secretary of
the organization respectively
stated that without mincing
words, Gbadebo has what it
takes to reverse Lagos state
from being a touted dilapidated mega city to an oriental nation-state given the mix of the
diversities of ethnic cultures
it hosts as Nigeria’s citizens.

“As the former capital of
Nigeria, Lagos has lost its
finesse and accoutrements
in cleanliness, good road infrastructures, water utilities,
electricity supply, industrial
hub, export potentials by sea
cargo and start-ups to a state
bedeviled with wanton lawlessness, street urchins and
derelicts, extortion, de-industrialization, divestment, and
gross mismanagement of
“The great vision of our
forebears to build Lagos as
an anchor for turning Nigeria into a first World nation
in Africa has been deconstructed into a phony gamble
of personal aggrandizement,
extravagance, egotism, grandstanding and luxuriant imperatives that have thrown
the common man into the
streets of poverty and joblessness.
He said Gbadebo Rhodes
Vivour, a graduate of Architecture from the much
revered Massachusetts Institute of Technology (M.I.T) in
the USA having been raised
from an acclaimed and decent Indigenous EKO family
of original Lagos, has character, capacity, competence,
stability of mind, credibility,
trustworthiness, tenacity of
purpose, strength to work and
vision to relaunch a new Lagos in the 21st century.

“As with New York, New
Jersey and New London, so
shall a new Lagos happen
under the watch of Gbadebo
Rhodes Vivour as the next
Governor of Lagos state.

“Our request is simple,
give us a new Lagos bereft
of thugs, touts, Area boys,
Agberos, or other names
they call themselves.

Give us
a unique power generating
system that guarantees daily
electricity supply.

“Open up mainland Lagos
and the suburbs with good
roads and drainage systems
to forestall perennial flooding.

Provide a level playing
ground for all to ventilate our
skills, start-ups, creativity,
innovation and knowledge
economy for businesses to
thrive as a hallmark of New
city State.

“Provide digital security
and hybrid urban planning
to remove Lagos as the third
worst and most dangerous
place to live on earth according to international global
risk assessment agencies.

“Create employment for
youths and turn Lagos into
a sports and entertainment
hub in Africa. As partners in
progress, we shall avail you
with good advisory services
if we may be called to do so.”

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