After a while in silence, Falz, one of the leaders of the #EndSARS protest in Lagos State has returned. 

The singer and lawyer who many had thought had given up on the movement recently returned with new vigour. 

Reacting to those who thought he had been too silent, the artiste cum activist said that it has been tough for him in recent times. However, he expressed his excitement to be energised enough to continue the fight. 

In a video shared on his Instagram page, Falz said: “The last few days have been rough, the last few days have been tough, but I’m back up, nobody is going break my spirit, it’s not possible. I’m gingered. 

“I mean this was never a sprint. I think we always knew that this was a marathon and what is most exciting about this is what we have built, there’s important, there’s a sense, there’s a resilient spirit that we have built, there’s a unity, oneness, and everyone is together in this fight. We know that it’s going to continue for a while but we are ready to keep it going. 

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