Veteran Nollywood Actress Chiege Alisigwe says motherhood has made her outspoken in all ramifications and shared with Inside Nollywood the pains and gains of motherhood.

She embraced limelight in 1998, and took a break from the industry some years ago to raise a family. And now, she’s back with plenty lessons from being a mother.

She says….
“I left the industry for a while because I had to travel to USA to have my baby. I stayed there for some time before I came back. It was a beautiful experience becoming a mother, especially in the labour room. It is just an amazing work of God, bringing another life to your family and the world. Motherhood has taught me a lot about life; it has taught me patience, standing up for yourself and kids, and to have more love. I am now more outspoken for the benefit of my children. I am outspoken in all ramifications, like you’ve got to be a warrior and a conqueror,” she said.

However, bouncing back to the screen for the love of her fans was a smooth ride for the Imo State-born diva. “When I got back, there were lots of new faces and good ones too. But once you are good, you are good and once you are loved, you are loved. It’s a gift that no one can take away from you. By the grace of God, it was smooth coming back,” she enthused.

Asked if she would consider re-marriage since her first union crashed shortly after the birth of her first daughter, Alisigwe countered, “Who told you I am or not in marriage? Sorry, I don’t discuss my private life. People can believe what they choose to believe. Never mind asking, I don’t like discussing my private affairs, and won’t!”
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