Vision is a defined Hope for a better future.
Hope is life-sustaining virtue;
It is the engine of life.
Once this engine is knocked, life becomes a burden too difficult to bear.
Hope is an invincible power!
It is Hope that sustains individuals, families, organizations, nations, continents and the entire globe.
Hope makes hard work and eventual success possible!
It is the reason for waking up early in the morning and retiring late at night.
If you keep Hope alive, then you keep individuals, families and society alive.
Good Governance is Hope.
Purposeful Leadership is the Hope of Delta.
A State without Good Leadership has no Hope.
A world without Visionary Leaders has no Hope.
This is your Hope!
Your Hope for sustainable Growth & Development
Your Hope for an all-inclusive Governance.
Hon(Barr) Ejaife Omizu Odebala.

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