Governor Yaya Bello of

Kogi State has congratulat

ed former military governor
of Oyo State, Major General
David Medayese Jemibewon
(Retd), on the occasion of his
82nd birthday.

The governor used the
opportunity to commend
and appreciate Jemibewon’s contributions to the
nation-building process.
Bello acknowledged the
profound impact Jemibewon had on various aspects
of Nigeria’s governance and

His commitment to
the betterment of society,
demonstrated through his
patriotic and selfless service
during his military career,
serves as an inspiration to
both present and future generations of leaders.
Bello in a press statement
on Thursday signed by Onogwu Muhammed, his Chief
Press Secretary, said, “As we
honor Major General Jemibewon with 82 salutes, we celebrate a remarkable individual whose dedication to the
nation remains an enduring

“We extend our heartfelt
congratulations to him for
his numerous achievements
and milestones in service to
Nigeria. His exemplary leadership and selfless devotion
continue to inspire us all.
“May his wisdom and
contributions continue to
guide and shape the future
of our great nation.”
According to the press
statement, Bello appreciated
Jemibewon’s tireless contribution to the development of
Okunland in particular and
Kogi State in general.
Born 20 July 1940, Jemibewon served as military
governor of the now defunct
Western State between August 1975 and March 1976
during the military regime
of General Murtala Muhammed

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