Fashion means different things to different people. When it comes to dissecting the key essentials of it, it becomes complicated. Oftentimes, it is impossible to have an empirical definition of it without getting entangled with some essentials of it which include beauty, style and trend.

Onyeuka Sophia Anwuli, the Chief Executive Officer of Sophie Couture, a leading brand in fashion and boutique business in Nigeria gives her own understanding of fashion and all it entails.

For someone who has held sway in the business for twelve years, she certainly knows her onions when it comes to fashion.

Youths aren’t Nigeria’s problem, I once apologised that we failed them “Fashion, beauty and style all work hand in hand. Fashion, beauty, and style are three best friends,” she says.

“They can stand on their own but they are better together because they complement one another. Fashion is not completely meaningful without beauty and style. Beauty enhances fashion and style,” she adds. As for trends, the boss lady at Sophie Couture explains as thus: “Being creative dictates trends in fashion. Yes, this has helped with the growth of my brand. For fashion, we go by the trend because that’s the only way to keep being in business.”

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