Rev Fr (Dr) Oghenojode Abaka, a General of
the Lord’s end time army clocked 64
on the 15th of July, 2022. He marked this year’s birthday on a low key , but a unique manner that tickled the fancy of all well wishers who were present .

The occasion had people from all work of life.

Rev Fr (Dr) Oghenojode Abaka has a dual attribute and capacity to relate with all calibre of persons
in the social ladder.

The impact this Man of God (MOG) has made to humanity in his sojourn so far on earth has been remarkable.

The Man ,Rev Dr (Dr ) Abaka.

Early Education:

Rev Dr Abaka started my early education at Ojojo Primary School under the tutelage of a White Rev Sister .
Due to some factors of the exigencies of that time , he moved on to RCM, Roman Catholic Mission School , which is now Cavegenia Primary and Secondary School under the watch of Rev Fr Cavegenia, one of the early Italian missionaries who came to expand the gospel in Nigeria.”

Fr Oghenojode Abaka, the ebolient Minister of the gospel after the successful completion of his Primary School, moved on to Holy Martyrs, of Uganda Seminaries, Effurun, Delta State,
Proceeded to SS Peter and Paul Major Seminary in 1977 in Bodija
lbadan Oyo State, from 1977 to 1984.

At the Seminary, he studied Philosophy and Theology . Determined
to carve a niche for himself in the ivory tower, he proceeded to the University of lbadan where he bagged a diploma in theology in 1980. ln 1984, Fr Abaka graduated from SS Peter and Paul Major Seminary
with a Bachelor degree in theology.

Career Record:

Rev Fr Oghenojode Abaka after his admission into Priesthood ,started his
Missionary work as a Parish Priest at St Anthony Catholic Parish
Ogberikoko , from there he went on to become the Bishop’s Secretary.

He was ordained a Catholic Priest, 35 years ago
,on the 7th of November 1987. As a Man who knows the value of Knowledge , he proceeded on advance studies, from 1983 — 1995 for a post graduate STL Prógràmme , Masters in Theology .

He bagged a doctorate degree in Rome, From 2006 to 2009,
In Social teaching and doctrines of the Church, In Ecclesial Response To Conflict Management in the Niger Delta Region
of Nigeria . His doctorate study dealt with the question of Social exclusion
of the Niger Delta people in all ramification, socially, economically, politically and otherwise.

As a Man of many parts with so much to offer to the society as a bundle of gift
to mankind, Fr Oghenojode Abaka was drafted into the Federal University of Petroleum Resources (FUPRE) Effurun Delta State to become the Chief image maker ,working as the Director in charge of the Public Affrairs Department of the
African Premier Petroleum University that ranks 6th in the World.

Since his appointment as the Chief image making Ambassador of FUPRE, he has been able to leverage on his versatility to reposition the Petroleum University on a pedestal of enviable heights to the admiration of all relevant stakeholders particularly the University Community.

lnstructively, this Public Relations office actually became a Directorate
through his painstaking effort. As a thoroughbred academia, he organically restructured the office inline with the principles of international best practice and policies to enhance proficiency in
service delivery .

One thing we can be very sure of is that
as long as Rev Fr Abaka remains on the saddle as the Director of the Public Relations Affrairs, he will continue to be a beacon of light ready to shine as a star in the FUPRE academic firmament.

Dependable and credible sources
who spoke about him concurred that Rev Fr Dr Oghenojode Abaka has done so much to improve on the image of FUPRE.

The Directorate , through his
dexterity and total commitment
have passed through alot of positive
transformation to his credit, and to the glory of God.

The various newsletters, churning out good quality publications ,projecting the University activities and events
in good light to the outside world are
the brain child of Rev (Dr) Abaka.

Experience in Priesthood:

Rev Fr (Dr )
Oghenojode Abaka , shared some of his experience in priesthood .

“As a young Priest ,l was always afraid , then as Parish Priest of St Anthony Catholic Church Ogborikoko few months after my ordination with little experience” .

“However, l later discovered that it was
only a figment of my imagination.”

Rev Fr Abaka shared his early Priesthood days.

” One
lesson l learnt as a young Priest is that God uses man to fulfill His own plans and vision.”

The Uniqueness of Fr Abaka:

To uneveil his reason for maintaining
the character which makes Rev Fr Dr Oghenojode Abaka stand out as unique personality, even among his fellow Priests.?

He realized early in life that whatever gift that a man have is given to him by God for a purpose to achieve His divine plan on earth. God uses man as an instrument to achieve His purpose.

Also , whatever gift you find in me is so by the grace of God .lt is so by the Holy Spirit . lt is so because , we are driven by the Holy Spirit to fulfill our responsibilities and obligations which is our mission on earth.

He explained that as children of God, we are prompted by the Holy Spirit to make it our vision to work by the grace of
God .

Rev Fr Oghenojode Abaka posited:

” The question of why l chose to live a life of humility and detachment is also as a result of my mentors and bosses whom I worked under . All of these have to do with the essence of the mission for which we are called to be Priests of God. “
He continued: ” May l also affirm that this selfless and humane attitude is fundamental as regards the workings of the teaching office of the Church
otherwise known as magesterium.”

Friends and well wishers of Fr Abaka
like Sir Joseph Evuarherhe and Chief Okiemute Oviri Okwagbe JP
who spoke about him emphasized his good work of charity and benevolence
as an inbuilt attitude that makes him stand miles away from the conventional
platforms to the realm of positive supernatural .

Mr Isaac Ogbra, Mr Victor Nwora and Mrs Kate Eburu staff of the Public Affrairs Department of FUPRE who spoke about him in their various assessment equally stated that Fr Abaka is passionate, so sacrificial, selfless, fiercely fearless and untainted in his carriage of the gospel and every
other duty he found himself doing in circular society.

On this auspicious moment to mark Fr Abaka’s birthday . Many has attested to his true
visionary Leadership, ability to imagine so much ahead of time and act on it. This rare attribute has yielded great results ,successes for the benefit of others in his immediate vicinity , Delta, and Nigeria.

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