Bayelsa State Goverment has formally
handed over three
fishermen who lost

their way on the Gulf of Guin

ea to the Sao Tome and Principe government through the
Head of Mission in Nigeria.
Speaking in Government
House, Yenagoa, during the
formal handover on Thursday
night, Governor Diri lauded
the local fishermen in Okpoama community in Brass Local
Government of the state, who
rescued their fellow fishermen
on the Atlantic Ocean.
He said they demonstrated
the true spirit of an Ijaw man,
who cares for his brothers and
humanity in general.
A statement by his Chief
Press Secretary, Mr. Daniel Alabrah, quoted the governor as
saying the action of the Bayelsa fishermen underscored the
cordial relationship between
Nigeria and the neighbouring
Governor Diri disclosed
that once they were rescued,
his administration through
the Commissioner for Health,
Dr. Pabara Igwele, made sure
that they were provided the
necessary health care.
He hailed the effort of the
government of Sao Tome and
Principe in showing concern
for its citizens even though
they were fishermen, saying it
showed that they truly valued
their citizens.
The Bayelsa governor also
commended the role of the
Nigerian Maritime Administration and Safety Agency
(NIMASA) in the rescue of the
fishermen and again called for
the agency’s presence in Bayelsa and other coastal states to
take care of such situations.
His words: “I got the news

of the rescue of these fisher

men informally. I then tried
to use a formal government

system and the security agen

cies to confirm that we had
two citizens of Sao Tome and
Principe that were rescued by
some Bayelsa fishermen at Okpoama in Brass Local Government Area of the state while
the third one was rescued by
NIMASA personnel.
“So, I directed that the three
of them be brought to Yenagoa
so that they can undergo health
checks and probably contact
the Sao Tome and Principe
“Fortunately, the Sao Tome
and Principe Government’s
Head of Missions at the embassy in Nigeria made contacts
with our government and informed us that he was coming
to Yenagoa to receive them.
“I am really very proud of
our fishermen who exhibited
their ‘Ijawness’ because the
Ijaw man is very hospitable
and loves humanity.
“Let me also appreciate the
Government of Sao Tome and
Principe for going after their
citizens who went missing on
the Atlantic Ocean for over one
week while trying to navigate
their way on the sea and the
Gulf of Guinea drifted them
to the Nigerian boundary.”
Responding, the Sao Tome
and Principe Head of Mission to Nigeria, Pires Dos
Santos Aguiar, expressed appreciation to the Bayelsa State
Government and Nigeria for
their effort to rescue his countrymen.
He said the action of Bayelsa and Nigeria has strengthened the relationship between both countries

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