To enable corporate organisations offer effective and efficient travel services to their staff, Touch Down Travels has introduced the use of Corporate Self-Booking Tool (CSBT) to all its customers.

Speaking at the Corporate Fair 2022 organised by the agency in Lagos on Thursday, Chief Operating Officer, Touchdown Travels, Olufunso Ekundayo, said that “with the use of CSBT, even though the staff of any corporate organisation are in the remote environment, with CSBT, they can get things done a lot more effectively. This can basically be done cheaper and with more value delivered to them.”

The event, which was powered by Dubai, Ekundayo noted, was to widen knowledge of the stakeholders in the tourism industry and to enable them network and learn how to attend to customers.

“The event was to give corporate bodies present the opportunity to ask questions and to get clarifications on what they do not know about Touch Down Travels and travel destinations.”

Stating that the CSBT is a functional tool, Ekundayo added that “It is to navigate the different services that the corporate world requires, which relate to flights, hotel packages, transfers, among others. The idea is to enable one make those requests and get real time feed backs.”

On why Touch Down Travels has decided to partner with destinations, such as Dubai, Ekundayo said: “The idea of partnering with destinations is that you can get a lot in terms of value regarding partnerships with destination management companies.

“What happens is that it gives you an extension of Dubai in Nigeria and that is really great. Every single thing that you are looking for in Dubai in terms of leisure, business, you have direct access to it from here. It is like an extension of the Dubai in Nigeria.”

Also on destination partnership with Dubai, the COO said: “It gives you a buffet of options when it comes to Dubai. Every single thing that is available in Dubai you can access through Touch Down Travels at the best rates.

“It means that you can get the best rates, either you are looking at it from the place of activities that you want – business, business conferences, among others. Every single thing that you want to do, you can get the best rates through Touch Down Travels.”

“Touch Down Travels deals with the airlines but we realized that we want to take charge of the entire experience and for that reason, we are now partnering with destinations,” he said.

The idea is about efficiency, Ekundayo stated, and “we understand that the use of technology has become the norm now.

“With technology, Touch Down Travels is able to offer these services with the CSBT to our corporate to enable them to value their staff, even though they are in the remote environment, they can still get things done a lot more effectively. They can basically do it cheaper and with more value delivered to them.”

Confirming that the CSBT is the future of Travel, especially in the corporate world, Ekundayo stated that the agency is ready to integrate anyone for efficiency and effectiveness, to get delivery done to customers.

“Everyone that has a part to play in the travel industry, we are ready to integrate using technology, which now makes your own service accessible digitally. A lot of people want to access this on their mobile devices.

“We are constantly expanding with many people coming on board and we are extending those services to our customers. As long as our customers need the services, we will provide them. We are ready to integrate with anybody in order to get value delivered to our customers,” he added.

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