Following weeks of intensive debates
on national socio-economic and political issues, Tanvita Koushik, a thirteen-year-old student of Avic-Cenna
International School, has emerged the
overall winner of the maiden edition
of Nigeria Info’s “I Beg To Differ” students’ debate tournament.

The debate competition, which commenced in November 2021, featured
hundreds of secondary school students
across Lagos State between the ages of
13 to 17 years.

This is in a bid to commemorate
Nigeria Info’s tenth anniversary of
quality broadcasting across the country while also creating a platform designed to develop the psychological
abilities of Nigerian youths to have
intellectually-stimulating debates on
complex issues that address national

The grand finale of the debate competition, which was broadcast live on
Nigeria Info’s Hard Facts Show, had
Tanvita defeating Emmanuella Nnadi
from Vicmob High School, Lagos State,
after debating on two socioeconomic
related topics which were centred on
the ban of commercial motorcycle operations across Lagos State and the battle for the control of Value Added Tax
(VAT) between the state governments
and the Federal Government.
Commenting on the successful
completion of the competition, Serge
Noujaim, the Chief Executive Officer
of Cool FM, Nigeria Info, and Wazobia
FM, congratulated the finalists for their
courage to make it through the various
rounds of the debate.

“I want to use this medium to congratulate all the contenders who have
participated in the debate. I honestly
believe everyone is a winner in this
contest because one of the great ways
to raise bright minds in a nation is
through providing access to the right
platform that builds the required confidence to address issues of national

“I am very confident that the experiences garnered from the “I Beg To Differ” Student Debate Tournament is one
you all are going to cherish because it is
going to serve you well soon,” he said.
Sharing her excitement after winning the maiden edition of the competition, Tanvita Koushik, expressed
gratitude to everyone who has helped
her in accomplishing this feat.

“I feel grateful to everyone who has
helped me, particularly my family, my
teachers, and my school. I am confident
that I could not have done this all by myself without their support,”

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